Liberal Genius LeBron James Drops Racist Comments About NFL Owners – “Old White Men” with a “Slave Mentality”

NBA star Lebron James posted lyrics on Instagram that caused a stir last weekend.

The Lakers star posted the words from 21 Savage that say, “We getting that Jewish money, Everything is Kosher.”

Lebron is not known for his common sense or intellect.

Newsweek says he angered “conservative critics” with this Instagram post.
Apparently, the left is OK with this?

Via Doug Ellin and Breitbart:

Now this…
Lebron James followed up his anti-Semitic comment with racist attacks on NFL owners.

LeBron James called NFL owners “old white men” with a “slave mentality.”

Lebron: “In the NFL, they got a bunch of old white men owning teams, and they got that slave mentality. And it’s like, “This is my team. You do what the f*** I tell y’all to do or we get rid of y’all.”

So ‘woke’ Lebron James must think NFL owners are the only managers in America who boss their employees?
This guy is not a very deep thinker.

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