Leftists Target Dental Office For Checking Teeth of Illegal Migrants to Confirm Their Ages

In yet another display of the left’s lack of concern about American children, Antifa is now targeting a dentist’s office that checks the teeth of illegal migrants to determine their ages.

There have been many cases of adult migrants, particularly grown men, posing as unaccompanied children and attending public schools. In Britain, a recent report determined that nearly two thirds of the people claiming to be “child refugees” were adults.

As we already know, Antifa does not really care about facts — or the safety of American children.

In Chicago, far-left protesters have been targeting Timeless Smiles Dental for allegedly assisting Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Immigration and Naturalization Service with age verification. Dentists can verify the ages of illegal immigrants quickly and easily by checking their molars and taking z-rays of their wrist bones.


“Heartland Alliance does forensics dental tests on detained migrant children without consent and shares data with ICE,” a Chicago-based Antifa account tweeted on Monday.

The activist group also called for protesters to join them outside the dental office on Wednesday, December 19, at 5 p.m.

The left keeps claiming that they aren’t against border security and protecting American citizens — but their activists seem to be saying quite the opposite.

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