Leaker James Comey: Accusations of Abuse of FISA Process Is “Nonsense” (VIDEO)

James Comey spoke to reporters following his testimony on Friday before Congress.

Comey will testify again before Congress in two weeks.

Comey said he likes and respects Bill Barr the latest nominee for Attorney General.


Comey said the accusations of abuse of the FISA process is “ridiculous” and he stood by his investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email crimes.

FOX reporter Catherine Herridge: Did you have total confidence in the dossier that was used to secure a surveilance warrant and also in the subsequent renewals?

James Comey: I have total confidence that the FISA process was followed and that entire case was followed in a thoughtful and responsible way by DOJ and the FBI. I think the notion that FISA was abused here was nonsense.

According to reports the Comey FBI hid Bruce Ohr back channel to Chris Steele from the FISA Court.
This is just one of the many criminal acts by the Comey FBI to spy on the Trump campaign.

Here is more video of Comey today–

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