JUST IN: Peter Strzok’s Former Boss Bill Priestap OUT at FBI

Bill Priestap

Bill Priestap, the corrupt chief of counterintelligence who helped oversee the FBI’s fraudulent investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails and involved in Obama’s Spygate/Russiagate is retiring this year.

Another crooked FBI official is retiring with full benefits…

The Wall Street Journal reported:

WASHINGTON—A top FBI official who helped oversee two politically sensitive investigations related to the 2016 presidential campaign is retiring from government service.

Bill Priestap, who currently serves as assistant director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s counterintelligence division, will leave his post by the end of the year. Mr. Priestap, a 20-year veteran of the bureau, worked on organized crime and drug cases in Chicago before rising through the national security ranks of the agency after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

The federal government allows some employees, including FBI agents, to retire with full benefits if they are 50 or older and have at least two decades of service.

Bill Priestap was the FBI official who changed the wording in the James Comey July 2016 speech to remove the word “President” and replace it with “another senior government official” to hide this fact from the American public.

Priestap was also Peter Strzok’s boss at the FBI.

Evidence suggests Bill Priestap, was Obamagate’s ‘deep throat’ – the insider providing information to government investigators about the Obama crime syndicate.

Priestap was grilled by Congress in June of this year:

Bye bye, Bill! One by one Obama’s criminal agents are leaving the FBI.


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