Jerome Corsi: “I’ve Got Evidence That the FBI and Mueller’s Team Are Now Harassing My Family” (VIDEO)

Conservative journalist, Dr. Jerome Corsi says Robert Mueller’s team and the FBI is harassing his family after the special counsel questioned him for over 40 hours about his ‘inside sources’ at WikiLeaks and alleged advance knowledge Julian Assange was going to release John Podesta’s emails.

Dr. Corsi spoke to Fox Business host Trish Regan on Wednesday and said he has evidence Mueller’s thugs and the FBI are harassing members of his family with surveillance vans and FBI door knocks.

“Right now I’ve got evidence that the FBI and Mueller’s team are now harassing my family,” Corsi said, adding, “They’re doing door knocks to my stepson. They’re parking surveillance vans with two agents outside the places where various members of my family work.”

“My children have done nothing wrong. My wife who I’ve been married to for 27 years and now they’re gonna try to make them criminals? Harassing my family is beyond bounds and I won’t stand for it,” Corsi said.


Since Mueller cannot bring charges on the Russian collusion hoax, he has targeted Corsi for making a ‘false statement’ after putting the best-selling author through hell interrogations.

Dr. Corsi subsequently retained counsel and is preparing to sue the Justice Department and Special Counsel Robert Mueller for prosecutorial misconduct in his case.

What is shocking to hear is the KGB style interrogation tactics the FBI and Mueller’s team used to get Corsi to “remember” a meeting with Russians in Italy that never even happened.

Corsi said Mueller’s team is coercing people to lie and added that Mueller and his corrupt team at the DOJ are “political criminals.”

“They’re forcing me to lie in order to stay out of prison,” Corsi said in a November interview with Newsmax host John Cardillo.

The Mueller witch hunt needs to be shut down and a special counsel must be appointed to investigate Mueller and his team of corrupt Obama-Hillary donors.

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