It Appears Strzok Was Kept on Special Counsel to Replace ‘Missing’ January Flynn 302 Report

Why wasn’t former FBI agent Peter Strzok and his paramour former FBI lawyer Lisa Page removed from the special counsel investigation on the same day?

It appears Peter Strzok was kept on the special counsel investigation a couple weeks longer than Lisa Page in order to replace the ‘missing’ January 302 report on Flynn.

According to the Inspector General report, Lisa Page was removed from the special counsel on July 15th, 2017 but her lover Peter Strzok wasn’t removed from the special counsel until “late July.”

The FBI still had to provide cover and button up a bit before they removed Peter Strzok so they kept him on just a little longer so they could get a 302 report on record about the Flynn ambush interview that took place several months prior.

The 302 report provided in Mueller’s filing last week was an FBI interview with Peter Strzok dated July 19th, 2017 about the January ambush interview he did with FBI agent Joe Pientka — this is FOUR days after Lisa Page was already removed due to anti-Trump text messages discovered by the Inspector General.

This July 19 302 report on Peter Strzok is even more suspect given that Robert Mueller was his boss at the time!

There are many references to a January 302 report on the Flynn ambush interview, however it appears to be missing — was it destroyed?

Mueller’s Friday filing references the January 302 report (screenshot below) and says Joe Pientka, whose name was redacted, “was primarily responsible for taking notes and writing the FD-302.”

So where is this January 302 report taken by FBI agent Joe Pientka??

Perhaps the January 302 report which most likely exonerates General Flynn was destroyed by the FBI (probably McCabe) so they needed to create another 302 report to replace this one.

If there is no original 302 on Flynn, it is a violation of FBI policy which is to have a contemporaneous record when interviewing a subject — Sara Carter noted that FBI reports must be placed in the system in a 1-A file within five days of the interview,” said Jeff Danik, former FBI SAC.

Emmet Sullivan, the judge assigned to General Flynn’s case, requested Mueller hand over all FBI notes and 302 reports on Mike Flynn — Mueller was required to give the January 302 report to the Judge, however as far as we know, this 302 report is still ‘missing.’

Mueller did have the option to file the 302 under seal, however, nothing indicates that the special counsel has turned over this report to the judge.

Judge Sullivan is scheduled to sentence General Flynn Tuesday, December 18th.

The case should be thrown out and Mueller, McCabe and everyone involved in framing Mike Flynn, a three-star General and American hero, should be prosecuted for criminal wrongdoing and put in prison.

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