Huge Backlash After 11-Year-Old Boy Dressed in Drag Promoted by Media as ‘Future of America’ (VIDEO)

11-year-old Desmond performs on Good Morning America on Nov 2nd

The mainstream media received a huge backlash for promoting an 11-year-old “drag kid” as the ‘future of America.’

11-year-old Desmond Napoles, who goes by the stage name, “Desmond is Amazing,” is a prepubescent boy who performs drag and participates in various LGBT rallies.

Desmond appeared on “Good Morning America,” last month wearing a wig, dress, high heels and makeup and the audience cheered as he performed for them.


This weekend, CNBC aired a piece promoting Desmond as the ‘future of America’ and walked him through his “journey” on how he got into the “drag” lifestyle.

The vignette posted by CNBC shows Desmond was exposed to the “drag” lifestyle by his mother when he was just two years old.

The child is seen applying makeup while wearing dresses and tutus performing at various events.

Desmond’s mother, who is also his ‘manager’ says her son gets bullied online by people who accuse her of child abuse.

So now other adults who are genuinely concerned for this child’s safety and well being are the bullies….


It gets worse…

“Desmond is Amazing,” was also dancing at “3 Dollar Bill,” a queer nightclub in Brooklyn, New York — people were throwing dollar bills at the child as he performed on stage.

Desmond posted the photos to his Instagram page where he has over 100,000 followers.

Desmond dressed up as Gwen Stefani and performed “I’m Just a Girl,” as people gave him dollar bills:

Desmond even ripped up a photo of President Trump.

CNBC and “Good Morning America” received a huge backlash.

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