Here We Go… Media Already Accusing Michael Flynn of Committing “Treason” — Thanks Judge Sullivan! (VIDEO)

Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel team muscled Flynn into a guilty plea last year.
On Monday they then broke the news that the deep state was looking into Turkish lobbying charges.

They flanked Flynn with threat of new charges on Monday!
This is a national disgrace!

(While John Kerry and Hillary walk free.)


The announcement on Monday was a warning to General Flynn.
Deep State runs this country. Don’t ever doubt it.

During Judge Emmet Sullivan on Tuesday suggested that General Michael Flynn committed treason.
Michael Flynn is a decorated war veteran and hero. The ONLY REASON he is being investigated is because he supported Donald Trump.

This showtrial is a disgrace!

It didn’t take the liberal media long to repeat the accusations that Michael Flynn committed treason.
FOX News reporter John Roberts was the first one to echo Judge Sullivan today at the White House press conference.

John Roberts: Do you have reaction to today’s sentencing and the rather unusual inquiry today asking prosecutors that Flynn possibly committed treason?

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