Hah-Hah! Trump Set Up Pelosi-Schumer — Surprised Them by Media Invite to Their Meeting — Body Language Expert

On Tuesday President Trump met with Democrat leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in the White House for a sitdown meeting.

The two Democrats were surprised and uncomfortable when the room was opened up to the White House media.

Body Language Ghost says their body language reveals this was a surprise.
Trump set them up!

Then President Trump trashed Democrats on border security and the body wall. It was an epic press conference. Trump corrected Pelosi on her liberal talking points. Body Language Ghost points out at Pelosi is not used to having anyone correct her. She doesn’t know how to react. Trump knows what he’s doing.


The body language expert accuses Pelosi of childish behavior. Hah!

This is excellent analysis of an unforgettable event.

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