GOP Lawmakers: Comey Will be Back in Two Weeks For Second Interview with House Judiciary Committee

Republican Congressmen Matt Gaetz (FL) and Jim Jordan (OH) emerged from Comey’s closed-door interview Friday and told reporters that the former FBI Director will be back in two weeks for another session.

Comey indicates he will be back on December 17 to speak to the House Judiciary Committee. 

Congressman Gaetz is unhappy it took two years to call Comey in for questioning.

Fired FBI Director James Comey arrived on Capitol Hill Friday for a closed-door, transcribed interview with House Republicans.

Comey was not cooperating with GOP lawmakers on Friday and was told by his DOJ attorney not to answer many pertinent questions on FISA abuses and Russiagate.

FOX News Catherine Herridge reported that a DOJ attorney is telling Comey not to answer questions. They may have to call Comey back in for more questioning.


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