Glenn Beck Tries to Save Face, Says He Had Nothing to Do With Gavin McInnes Getting Canned

Never-Trump ringleader Glenn Beck attempted to save face after massive backlash over CRTV firing Gavin McInnes immediately following their merger with The Blaze.

After a movement to #CancelCRTV took over Twitter in response to their firing of McInnes, Beck hopped on his radio show to blame CRTV for it and insist that he had nothing to do with the termination. He also stated that an interview he did with McInnes last week, where they discussed the leftist mobs getting people fired, will air on his show on Monday evening.

Beck began by saying that he wanted to discuss McInnes, and claimed his termination was the decision of “CRTV, not the Blaze Media, not Glenn Beck.”

“This was an old thing that CRTV had been dealing with — I think, I don’t know — it’s up to them. I had nothing to do with it and it’s certainly not the way I would have handled it… but he is out,” Beck said.

Beck said that on tonight’s episode he will air an interview with McInnes in which they discussed the dangers of witch hunts and people losing their jobs.

“That program is airing today — I don’t care who it makes uncomfortable. It’s airing,” Beck demanded.

Beck claimed that he spoke to McInnes and that he was worried about him and his family.

On Monday. McInnes was also banned from YouTube — the last social media giant that he hadn’t been deplatformed on. He was already banned from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

“It’s all part of a concerted effort to completely deplatform me,” McInnes told The Gateway Pundit. “YouTube was the last place I had to defend myself.”

Prior to this modern day book burning, McInnes had been using YouTube to attempt to fight back against the leftist smear campaign against him.

“My ‘quitting the Proud Boys’ video explained my side and helped exonerate them. It had almost 500K views. It’s gone now,” McInnes said.

Recently, there was a campaign of fake news claiming that the Proud Boys, a social group founded by McInnes, had been designated a hate group by the FBI. It turned out to be false — a complete lie. The Gateway Pundit immediately questioned the narrative being pushed, but we were pretty much the only site to do so.