Fate of #NeverTrump Magazine The Weekly Standard Uncertain – May Close Operations Within Weeks

The Weekly Standard Editor-at-Large Bill Kristol

The fate of NeverTrumper magazine The Weekly Standard is uncertain according to sources who say the operations may close within a few weeks.

Trump-hater and The Weekly Standard’s Editor-at-Large Bill Kristol has spent the last 2 and a half years bashing Trump and aligning with leftists.

It turns out that bashing Trump everyday isn’t a successful business model for a conservative magazine.


Chief White House Correspondent for One America News Emerald Robinson reported Tuesday that The Weekly Standard is expected to close its operations in a few weeks.

EMERALD ROBINSON: BREAKING: Multiple sources tell me that neocon magazine @weeklystandard is expected to close its operations in a few weeks. It had lost many subscribers since the 2016 election as its #NeverTrumper editors @BillKristol @stephenfhayes @SykesCharlie publicly aligned with the Left.

CNN reported that The Weekly Standard’s leadership spent months looking for a buyer.

The fate of The Weekly Standard, the conservative magazine that has staked out a position as a publication on the right still critical of President Donald Trump, is uncertain, Editor-in-Chief Stephen Hayes told staff in a series of phone calls Tuesday, according to two people familiar with the matter.

The magazine’s precarious position comes after its leadership spent months searching for a buyer, the people told CNN.

The people explained that The Weekly Standard’s leadership had butted heads with MediaDC, the current parent company of the magazine, and that the two parties had agreed to allow Hayes to search for a new owner.

However, MediaDC recently informed The Weekly Standard’s leadership that the company was no longer interested in a sale, the people said.

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