EXCLUSIVE… Stefan Molyneux Unloads on Fake News: You Must ‘Rip Through the Matrix,’ ‘See the World As It Really Is’ (VIDEO)

Trump was never called a racist during his long career. Now, we are told he is a Klansman and a neo-Nazi who is separating families from their babies.

The number of white supremacists, in relation to voters in the United States, wouldn’t fill a bathtub. There aren’t enough neo-Nazis, members of the Ku Klux Klan or white supremacists in the United States to elect anybody.

They did not elect Donald Trump. They are not Donald Trump’s base. They’re not the Republican Party’s base. There is no Alt-Right.

It’s all made up. It’s all lies concocted by the militarized wing of the American left, which is the Democrat Party and the media.

Nearly half of America believes it.

But people should be suspicious of everything the media projects, host of Freedomain Radio Stefan Molyneux warned in an exclusive interview with The Gateway Pundit.

“When people begin to understand just how much of the information is coming at them –it’s politically designed to change their opinions to usually further some sort of leftist narrative – they should be suspicious of everything that they see,” he said. “Everything is chosen, everything is manufactured, everything has a purpose and that purpose is usually against your interests and my interest. But it’s sold as a greater good. When people understand that, that is the beginning of wisdom.”

If there is one thing that you need in your intellectual ammunition to endure across the treacherous plains of lies that make up modern political culture, Molyneux  argued, it’s understanding the media’s constant attempt to manipulate the public is a “sophist” practice that has been perpetuating for centuries.

“It goes all the way back to the pre-Socratic. One of the original problems that philosophy had was there were a lot of teachers out there who didn’t know things, but claimed to know things,” he said. “This is how Socrates started, whereas he said ‘I have a mission which is to go out and find who knows things and who doesn’t, who pretends to know things.’

“There were this group of people called Sophists, they were very good at manipulation, they were very good at lying, very good at setting people against each other and very good at training people to make a false case appear true through conviction, through rhetoric, through gestures, through passion – politicians in a word, and some bad teachers.”

Molyneux expose the power of fake news in Mike Cernovich’s new movie Hoaxed, which he describes as “a really powerful indictment of sophistry and lying for political effect.”

“The battle against sophistry has been going on for thousands of years – making a worse case appear better and setting people against each other. I really wanted to bring philosophy to this very idea of battling sophistry,” he said. “Sophistry is just lies, but it’s lies motivated by politics and money. When people begin to see that then they get out of Plato’s cave, they rip through the matrix and they see the world as it really is – which is both terrifying, isolating sometimes, but deeply exhilarating.”

The only way to persuade people who wholeheartedly believe  misconception is get them to question the moral nature of what it is that they are believing, Molyneux argued.

“What’s been found is that if somebody has a moral position, if you give them counter evidence, normally you would say well maybe that would make them question their moral position – that’s not what actually happens. When you give people counter evidence to their moral position, they actually harden their moral position, it becomes harder to change them so you can’t,” he said. “If you get people to question the moral nature of what it is that they are believing, then you can start to change them with evidence. But the evidence alone, if they still believe that Trump is an evil racist, it doesn’t matter what his position is.

“It doesn’t matter what his policies are because they believe he is an evil racist. If you can get them to change that perspective, they may be open to other things. But as long as they believe they are in the moral right, they are kind of impervious to reason and evidence,” he continued. “People are very hungry for the truth. First of all, they have to understand that what they are being presented with in the media is not the truth.”

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