DNC Announces 12 Presidential Primary Debates for 2020 Presidential Race

The Democratic National Committee has announced a dozen presidential primary debates for 2020, beginning in 2019.

They have not yet indicated which favored candidate they will leak questions to, like Donna Brazile did for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 race.


There will be six debates in 2019 and six in 2020. The first debate will occur in June of next year.

“The DNC will not bar candidates from participating in forums in which one candidate appears on stage at a time. The DNC will ask candidates to refrain from participating in debates other than the 12 debates sanctioned by the DNC,” the DNC announcement states.

Specific locations, dates and sponsors will be released in 2019.


The party hilariously claims that they will adjust the process “as appropriate” — and “always transparently.”

During the 2016 race, WikiLeaks revealed that the DNC was secretly working to undermine the Sanders campaign in favor of Clinton.

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