Devastating! Author and Columnist Deroy Murdock Breaks Down Democrat Party’s Support for Open Borders (VIDEO)

Today’s Democrat Party pretends to support border security. Liberals understand that their open borders policies are widely unpopular with the American public who prefer to have a country with borders. So instead of telling the truth Democrats and their liberal media cohorts cover up the truth by pretending to advocate for “border security.”

It’s an illusion and a lie.

Sunday morning on FOX and Friends author and columnist Deroy Murdock broke down the Democrat Party’s record on border security. On issue after issue Democrats have voted against securing the borders and Democrats have protected illegal entry into America. This is a very dangerous policy. Thousands of Americans die each year from violent assaults and illegal drugs. Democrats don’t care.

Nancy Pelosi says border walls are immoral. Democrats want to abolish ICE. Democrats continue to defend illegal foreigners over American citizens.

President Trump is right. America is not a country without a secure border. Democrats disagree.

Via FOX and Friends:

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