WHAT A JOKE: DOJ Ramps Up Probe Into Podesta Group… Can You Guess the Outcome? (Hint: They’re Democrats)

Tony Podesta

Justice Department prosecutors are ramping up their investigation into foreign lobbying by the Podesta Group and Mercury Public Affairs according to the Associated Press.

Is this just a ploy to make it look like Mueller is bipartisan?

AP reported:


In a flurry of new activity, Justice Department prosecutors in the last several weeks have begun interviewing witnesses and contacting lawyers to schedule additional questioning related to the Podesta Group and Mercury Public Affairs, the people familiar with the inquiry said. They spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the ongoing work.

The New York work underscores the broad effects of Mueller’s investigation, extending well beyond the central question of President Donald Trump and collusion. Mueller has made clear he will not turn away if he discovers alleged crimes outside the scope of his inquiry; instead, he refers them out in investigations that may linger on even after the special counsel’s work concludes. Other Justice Department referrals from Mueller have ended in guilty pleas, including the hush money payment case of Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen.

In July it was reported that Robert Mueller referred several cases to New York federal prosecutors to probe a few American lobbyists, including Tony Podesta, for failing to properly file as foreign agents.

Many speculated this move by Mueller was merely a ploy to make it look like the special counsel is ‘bipartisan,’ and to boost Podesta’s testimony being that he has already been immunized in Manafort’s DC case.

The Podesta Group, the now defunct lobbying firm ran by John Podesta’s brother, Tony Podesta, was lobbying a pro-Kremlin Ukrainian political front yet was never issued an indictment from Mueller even though they failed to register as a foreign agent.

Tony Podesta was given immunity in the DC case where Paul Manafort was charged for failing to file a FARA form for his Ukrainian lobbying efforts. This is further proof Manafort was hunted down like an animal by Mueller purely because of his association with Donald Trump.

The Podesta Group was given the liberty to retroactively file its foreign agent disclosures after someone at the DOJ tipped them off they had improperly filed FARA paperwork.

Tony Podesta has received special treatment from Mueller and the Feds while the FBI raided Manafort at gunpoint in a pre-dawn door-buster to seize paperwork.

Here’s why Mueller may have made this move against the Podesta Group…

“What to watch for: whether this is to make it appear an inquiry is taking place to satiate jury when secret deal immunized testimony. Prosecutors often make it look like they are prosecuting someone to boost their testimony, but no one would testify unless secret deal made,” Attorney Robert Barnes said of this Mueller referral.

None of the people involved have been charged and there is zero indication this inquiry will even result in criminal charges.

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