Dem Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Ignores Clinton Sexual Misconduct and Her Own Whiteness (VIDEO)

Saturday night’s broadcast of the “Van Jones Show,” was both bizarre and bewildering.

Jones, a CNN contributor who recently earned his own weekly show, is a well-known progressive commentator and activist made famous by his brief stint in the Obama administration as Obama’s “green jobs czar.”

Jones, who opened the show by acknowledging President Trump’s groundbreaking work on criminal justice reform and aid to inner city entrepreneurial efforts, quickly returned to his anti-Trump roots during his features on Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and failed Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum.

Fawning over the newly minted progressive pixie Kirsten Gillibrand, Jones conveniently glazed over her past as a moderate Upstate New Yorker Democrat who once earned “A” ratings from the NRA, railed against illegals and sanctuary cities. Jones gave Gillibrand free reign to self-explain her sudden shift to the Alt-Left, with little or no opposition.

The most disturbing part of his exchange with Gillibrand, who he branded as a leading 2020 presidential contender, was how Jones proclaimed that she was #MeToo before #MeToo garnered the attention of the American people. Gillibrand, a longtime associate and friend of the Clintons, failed to address Bill Clinton’s history of sexual misconduct and the many accusations of rape against him.

When pressed by Jones about the Lewinsky scandal (consensual), a favored way for Democrats to establish a difference in Clinton’s actions versus targets of the #MeToo movement, Gillibrand immediately pivoted to Trump’s non-existent alleged history of rape and claimed that he needs to resign because of the allegations.

In a not so shocking segment about the top leading contenders for the Democrat nomination for President in 2020 being mostly white men, including fake Hispanic Robert “Beto” O’Rourke, Gillibrand slammed white men and held up the elections of Sharia Law advocate and Muslim Congresswoman-elect, Illahn Omar as the template the Democrat Party needs to follow in order to win in 2020. Of course, Gillibrand’s own whiteness is not a problem because she is a female and the future is female. Damn whiteness… just not her own it seems.

Donald Trump should and has welcomed a prospective challenge from Gillibrand in 2020, who he exposed as a routine beggar for campaign cash before he became President. While she is younger and more charismatic than her mentor Hillary Clinton, the pantsuit remains her uniform and globalist New World Order policies her rallying cry. Hillary 2.0 will not be as easy to defeat as Hillary was in 2016, but Trump will dispatch her nonetheless.

While she claims to have distanced herself from her mentors and best friends (The Clintons), few people buy that claim and the money that would flow into her possible 2020 presidential bid will be riddled with donations from Clintonistas. BRING IT WHITEY!


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