Classy. Michelle Obama Stuns Audience Swearing as She Talks About Pressures of Marriage

Michelle Obama stunned the audience at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Saturday night, swearing as she spoke about the pressures of marriage.


“Marriage still ain’t equal, y’all,” Michelle Obama told the crowd. “It ain’t equal. I tell women that whole ‘you can have it all’ — mmm, nope, not at the same time, that’s a lie. It’s not always enough to lean in because that shit doesn’t work.”

Michelle Obama realized she used a curse word after the audience broke out into applause so she said, “I thought we were at home, y’all, I was gettin’ real comfortable up in here. All right, I’m back now. Sometimes that stuff doesn’t work.”


At the end Michelle stood up and started dancing to Jay-Z and Beyonce.

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