BUILD THE WALL! GOP Rep. Garrett: Cost of Not Securing Border Is More Casualties over a Decade than Korean War (VIDEO)

Rep. Tom Garrett (R-VA) joined Dan Bongino on Hannity on Thursday night following the historic vote by House Republicans to fund the Trump border wall.

Garrett did not seek reelection this year. He will be missed.

Rep. Garrett told Dan Bongino the country suffers more losses from illegal immigration over a decade than the Korean War.


Rep. Thomas Garrett: Look, one of the reasons that you’re lucky that you didn’t win when you ran for Congress is it’s disgusting to be in a town where a bunch of people make promises that they don’t intend to keep. And some of us, Congressman Hice and myself, have equivocated, let me be really clear, the cost in human lives, straight line cost of not protecting our border, would equal the casualties of the Korean War over a decade. Over 10% of drunk drivers here illegally, that’s thousands of deaths a year. 4,000 murders a year, if you then figure in illicit drugs that come into this country that kill our brothers and sisters and sons and daughters. And so this is truly about protecting America…. It’s tragic that it had to be done this way.

The United States lost 33,261 soldiers, sailors and Marines during the Korean War. An estimated 54,000 Americans were casualties in the war.

Via Hannity:

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