BREAKING: Democrat in North Carolina Congressional Race Withdraws His Concession Amid Investigation Into ‘Ballot Harvesting’ (VIDEO)

Dan McCready

Democrat Dan McCready announced Thursday in a video posted to his Twitter account that he is withdrawing his concession in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District after finding out ballots may have been illegally “harvested” by his Republican opponent.

“Today, I withdraw my concession to Mark Harris,” McCready said in a video posted to his Twitter while calling on his Republican opponent Mark Harris “to tell us exactly what he knew and when he knew it.”

“Over the last week, we have seen the criminal activity come to light, and we have seen that my opponent Mark Harris has bankrolled this criminal activity,” McCready told local Charlotte station WSOC-TV on Thursday.


VIDEO of McCready withdrawing his concession:

Three Republican state Senators in North Carolina asked Governor Roy Cooper (D) to create a bipartisan group to investigate claims of ballot harvesting.

It is alleged that a Leslie McCrae Dowless Jr., a contractor working for Republican Mark Harris illegally told people to collect absentee ballots also known as ballot harvesting.

“Ballot harvesting” is what flipped 7 of 14 House seats blue in California – it is illegal in virtually every state for a reason.

The Communists Democrats in California quietly passed legislature in 2016 allowing ballot harvesting.

The amount of mail-in ballots counted in Orange County were unprecedented – a whopping 250,000 ballots were produced in OC as a result of the new “ballot harvesting” law.

Now an entire congressional race in North Carolina may be completely reset by the House which means candidates would have to go through the filing process, primary election and general election all over again based on a highly unethical practice that violates chain of custody – meanwhile this practice is completely legal in California.

This should be a huge wake up call to the GOP to take action and demand ballot harvesting be illegal in California and every state.

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