BOOM! Trey Gowdy Warns ‘Forgetful’ James Comey After He Shoots Off His Mouth — “See You on Monday!”

On Wednesday Trey Gowdy joined Martha MacCullum on FOX News to discuss his plans after leaving office. During the discussion Gowdy told the FOX News host how disappointed he was with fired FBI Chief’s testimony before Congress last week. Gowdy blasted Comey, describing him as “An Amnesiac with Incredible Hubris.”

On Thursday morning Comey responded to the outgoing representative, saying, “I was worried this woudn’t be a dignified, open-minded search for the truth.”

Not a smart move by Comey.
Later today Trey Gowdy responded to the fired and smug FBI Director:

“Director Comey, I was disappointed in what you didn’t remember, but even more disappointed in what you never knew. I’ll see you on Monday.”

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