Andrew McCarthy: No Court in America Would Sentence Michael Flynn with Time in Prison (VIDEO)

General Mike Flynn’s sentencing memo was filed Tuesday evening and it further proved that the FBI agents ambushed him to get him in a perjury trap.

General Flynn’s lawyers asked the judge for no jail time and instead “to sentence him to a term of probation not to exceed one year, with minimal conditions of supervision, along with 200 hours of community service.”

They told Flynn not to have his lawyer present.  He thought it was a social visit.

This was on January 24th — four days after the Inauguration.

Flynn had NO IDEA he was being interrogated.  This is how the Deep State criminals operate.

Flynn thought is was some sort of training session.

In fact Michael Flynn gave the FBI creatures a tour of his White House wing, joking with them, thinking it was some kind of training session!

The lawles Deep State set him up.

on Wednesday attorney and author Andrew McCarthy joined America’s Newsroom to discuss the upcoming Flynn sentencing.

McCarthy told FOX News there is not a court in America that would give General Michael Flynn time in prison for his process crime.

But the deep state bankrupted him and destroyed his career and good name so deep state wins.
Their job is done.

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Via America’s Newsroom:

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