After Weeks of Anti-Tax Protests – French President Macron to Address the Nation on Monday Night

Hundreds of protesters were arrested Saturday in Paris as thousands of “yellow vest” protesters took to the street for a fourth weekend of anti-tax protests.

According to the BBC confrontations took place after 8,000 demonstrators gathered in the city centre. More than 500 1,000 people were taken into custody.

The French authorities sent in EU armored vehicles!

The Macron government sent in the EU armored vehicles to quash the anti-tax protesters!

The protests are taking a toll on French President Emanuel Macron.
His approval rating has cratered to 23 percent in a poll last week.


The president was so distraught he scrapped his exorbitant gas tax.

President Macron is going to meet with labor groups on Monday and then address the nation on Monday night.

Macron will reportedly announce “immediate and concrete measures” in response to the crisis.

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