A Different Take – Judge Sullivan May Have Tried to Help Flynn Caught in Mueller’s Inquisition

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Yesterday’s General Flynn hearing was a travesty in justice. Ultimately only Mueller and his goons are to blame!

Much has been said already about yesterday’s hearing for General Mike Flynn.

Flynn was scheduled for sentencing for lying to FBI investigators. Flynn was set up by Obama Deep State operatives who did not even tell him he was being interrogated at the time he is charged with lying to the FBI.  Their 302 reports are littered with inconsistencies and outright lies.

This didn’t stop JUDGE SULLIVAN from LECTURING FLYNN IN COURT ROOM.   He stated“Arguably, you sold your country out.”

Judge Emmet Sullivan on Tuesday suggested that General Michael Flynn committed treason.

Michael Flynn is a decorated war veteran and hero.
The ONLY REASON he is being investigated is because he supported Donald Trump.

Later the court released a transcript of the hearing.

Judge Sullivan was confused, abusive, careless and unfamiliar with the case.  The hearing was a disgrace and an assault on an American hero.  But some place the blame where it is due – the Mueller gang of Democrat thugs.

One alternate take is the Judge Sullivan didn’t want to be made an unwilling participant in a man being convicted of a crime he didn’t do.  Judge Sullivan appeared to want General Flynn to withdraw his plea.  The most common thing the judge said was he didn’t want to convict a man for a crime he didn’t commit.

The judge was put in a precarious position by the Mueller team (not as much as General Flynn of course).  The judge exaggerated his rhetoric as if to say ‘tell me something’.   But Mueller cannot admit the truth to the judge.  Flynn cannot walk back his plea and no one will budge due to the inquisition style of the Mueller gang.

Others in the court room had the same take –

What a mess Obama, the Clinton’s, the Democrat Party and the Mueller gang have created for President Trump, anyone who worked with him and the American people. God save us!

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