44 Warhawk Democrats Voted to Approve $675 Billion for US War Machine — Only One Voted to Secure US Border – Think About That!


On August 23, 2018, The US Senate voted for a $675 billion appropriations bill to fund the unlimited war projects.

The warhawk Democrats carried the majority.

The vote was 85-7 led by Democrat Senators.

44 Democrats voted for the bill.
41 Republicans voted for the bill.
0 Democrats voted against the bill.
6 Republicans voted against the bill.
1 Socialist Bernie Sanders voted against the bill.
3 Democrats did not vote.
5 Republicans did not vote.


These SAME DEMOCRATS voted 47-1 on Friday to block funding of border security in the latest spending bill.

These same Democrats attacked President Trump for withdrawing US troops from Syria — after their mission was accomplished.

It appears we have a new party of warmongers!

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