WOW! LIBERAL MEDIA HACKS Defend Jim Acosta — Insist WH Video Was Doctored — Attack Infowars — THEN PROVEN WRONG! (VIDEO)

On Wednesday CNN’s Jim Acosta was suspended from covering the White House over his disruptive and abusive conduct during the president’s press conference.

Video shows Acosta hacking a White House intern’s arm with enough force to push her arm down and knock her off balance.

CNN said the video of Jim Acosta was doctored.

The White House video originally posted by Paul Joseph Watson at Infowars — WAS CLEARLY NOT DOCTORED!


The liberal reporters not only defended Jim Acosta — The deny the reality that he had contact with the White House intern even with video!

Axios says the video was doctored:

Newsweek says the video was doctored (It wasn’t.)

Liberal hack Maggie Haberman from the NY Times.

MSNBC and New York Times reporter Peter Baker:

ABC7 Chicago reporter Rob Elgas:

Katie Rogers NY Times:

Ben Jacobs from the Guardian:

Paul Joseph Watson proves his video that came under attack by the liberal media WAS NOT DOCTORED!

So when will the media mob apologize?

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