White House Fully Restores Jim Acosta’s Hard Press Pass

The White House has fully restored CNN’s resident jackass Jim Acosta’s hard press pass, according to new reports.

Fox News White House Correspondent John Roberts reported according to sources, the White House will not seek revocation of Jim Acosta’s hard pass.

If Jim Acosta refuses to follow the new rules, however, the White House reserves the right to revoke his hard pass in the future.

Earlier Monday, the Trump White House reportedly notified Jim Acosta they plan to ban him again once the 14-day court ordered restraining order expires.

Acosta was blocked from his White House hard pass after his many interruptions and rude contact at White House pressers including his latest stunt where he took a swipe at a young female intern.

CNN and Jim Acosta filed a lawsuit against the Trump White House; a judge ruled in Acosta’s favor citing the CNN activist’s due process was violated.

Jim Acosta thanked everyone for their support in a tweet Monday afternoon.

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