WaPo Columnist Jen Rubin Turns Mob Against Sarah Sanders: “She Deserves None of the Niceties Normally Accorded Others in Her Position”

On Wednesday night a mob of Antifa protesters harassed, vandalized and threatened Tucker Carlson and his family outside his DC-area home.
The group threatened Carlson and demanded that he leave town, saying that “tonight, we remind you that you are not safe either.”

Police are investigating the attack and vandalism as a hate crime.

But the attack did not prevent Washington Post columnist Jen Rubin to promote violence against Sarah Sanders in Thursday’s column. The WaPo editors obviously approved of the column because it was published this morning.

Jennifer Rubin wrote this:

I condemn harassment and threatening conduct of any sort (shame on the protesters who showed up at Tucker Carlson’s home and made threats); however, after leaving office, she deserves none of the niceties normally accorded to others in her position. (In the past, we would have said that she has not earned the right to be included in polite society.) No responsible news outlet should hire her; employers making hiring decisions have every reason to shun her.

This is irresponsible reporting. The Washington Post is becoming an Antifa fan page.
How irresponsible!

Via Jack Posobiec:

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