VICTIM’S FATHER OUTRAGED After Parkland School Killer is Allowed to Vote

A Parkland shooting victim’s father expressed his outrage on Saturday over the fact that his daughter’s killer is able to vote.

Andrew Pollack said he’s sick to his stomach because Parkland school shooter, Nikolas Cruz is registered to vote.

His beautiful daughter, Meadow Pollack would have been able to vote in this midterm election if she were still alive, said Andrew Pollack.

Sheriff Israel allowed people into the jail this summer to register Nikolas Cruz and other animals to vote. Wonderful.


POLLACK: I’m sick to my stomach. 18-1958 murdered 17 students & staff, including my daughter Meadow. Yet in July, Broward Sheriff @ScottJIsrael let people into the jail to get him & other animals registered to vote.The Despicable Democrats have no shame.Can’t let them steal this election.

POLLACK: This election would have been my beautiful Meadow’s 1st election, but she wasn’t able to vote because 18-1958 murdered her during the Parkland shooting.

If she can’t vote because of that monster, why should he be allowed to register to vote? Shame on Sheriff Israel & SOE Snipes!

On February 14, 2018, Nikolas Cruz carried out a mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida and murdered 17 people and injured 17 others.

This evil mass murderer is now registered to vote after he took the lives of 17 people. Let that sink in.

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