Unhinged Trump-Hater Alec Baldwin Arrested After Fight Over Parking Spot

The Trump curse strikes again!

Alec Baldwin, the unhinged, Trump-hating actor was arrested Friday for punching someone over a Manhattan parking spot.

The altercation took place around 1 PM ET on East 10th Street near Union Square West in Greenwich Village, CBS reported.

NBC New York reported:

Actor Alec Baldwin was arrested Friday after allegedly punching someone in the West Village.

Law enforcement sources told News 4 the dispute was over a parking spot.

Further details were not immediately available.

There’s more! Alec Baldwin followed and punched the driver via CBS New York:


Police say Baldwin was backing into an open parking spot when a man in a different car came in from behind him and took the spot.

Baldwin then followed the man to the Muni-meter and punched him, police said.

Although Baldwin had anger issues before Trump was elected, he is certainly suffering from a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Speaking at a lavish fundraiser for Democratic donors recently, Alec Baldwin told the crowd that they need overthrow the government over President Donald Trump.

This story is developing…please check back for updates.

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