The Russia Collusion That Wasn’t: Jerome Corsi Says Mueller Will Indict Him in Perjury Trap

There never was any Trump-Russia collusion.
It was the greatest media hoax in US history.

And now journalist Jerome Corsi says he will be indicted by dirty cop Robert Mueller on perjury charges.

Trump would be out of his mind to sit and talk with these corrupt demons.

The liberal mainstream media wailed last week and hurled abuse at the Trump White House for banning loudmouth sideshow Jim Acosta from the White House press pool.


What will they say about Jerome Corsi?
I think we all know the answer to that.

Yossi Gestetner posted a thread on Twitter that accurately describes the degree of deception these criminals in the deep state and their allies in the liberal media are pushing on the American people.

Jerome Corsi will be the latest man to have his life destroyed by the Deep State Democrats.
They never had collusion — but that didn’t stop the Deep State from ruining good men.

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