TGP EXCLUSIVE: Steve Bannon Warns GOP Must Galvanize Before Tuesday – Democrats Are Closing in on an Electoral Crisis (VIDEO)

Alicia Powe for The Gateway Pundit

In an exclusive with The Gateway Pundit, former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon warned that the Democrats have an advantage ahead of the midterm elections: their hatred of President Trump.

Democratic Socialists, who are incessantly galvanized by their contempt for the president, are organized, unified and will ultimately “get rid of Trump,” if they win control of House and the Senate, Bannon explained.

“The left has been totally energized by Trump. Here’s the reason, they got something – the ‘Time’s Up’ movement, ‘The Resistance,’ Tom Steyer’s ‘Next Generation,’ and that whole ‘Netroots Nation’ crowd – they got something about Trump before the Republican establishment did. They understood that he is trans-formative as a president and a historical figure,” he said. “He’s going to be in their lives twenty and thirty years from now. For them it’s like a kafkaesque novel – they’ve got to get ‘orange man bad.'”

To ensure conservatives become as energized as their radical leftist counterparts, the former Breitbart News executive chair directed and produced the film Trump@War which showcases the repercussions of the GOP losing the midterm elections to Democratic socialism.

“They have to get Trump out of their lives and they intend to do it on Nov. 6. This is grassroots vs. grassroots. Our base is just as strong, if not stronger. But people have to get that sense of urgency,” he said. “I use the film as a technique to fire people up.”

“I figured [the midterms] were going to be like 2010, the big Tea Party victory. But the left had the energy. I said ‘listen in the run-up to the vote in November, in September and October, we are going to need to galvanize around and get a sense of urgency out there in the grassroots and the Trump base,” he said. “This is a film for the base – to say ‘here’s the journey you and Trump have been on, here’s what’s at stake, here’s what you guys have won today. This is all about galvanizing the grassroots. This is not about a billion dollars of TV ads. This is back to what it was in 2010.

“You have an energized left that are walking precincts and knocking on doors and getting out the vote. We have to galvanize just as much. I’ve gone around the country talking to grassroots groups in the last couple of days. We’ve got plenty of time for people to still get out early and vote. Most importantly, they can get their neighbors out to vote on Election day.”

Winning elections are not predicated on reliance on TV ads or relying on the media, Bannon argued, but grassroots communication.

“You’ve got to do phone banks, you have to walk neighborhoods.’ Remember, the gold standard in politics today is not thirty second spots on T.V,” he said. “The gold standard today as Obama showed us in ‘08, as the Tea Party in ’10 and Trump in ’16 is grassroots going door-to-door.”

Bannon urged Trump supporters to not only show up to the polls on Tuesday, but to make sure all of their Trump-hating friends to watch Trump@War.

“Go to [email protected], it’s totally free. We are over 8 million views already. We hope to get 10 to 12 million by the close of election day,” he said. “My recommendation is just ship it out to all of your friends that are Trump supporters and if you have a couple of friends that are Trump haters, ‘orange man bad,’ send it to them first, because it will make their heads blow up.”

The ‘nullification project’ – inexorable opposition from the media, the Democrats and even the GOP – is noise, Bannon argued, and the effectiveness of Trump’s policies and leadership is the signal.

“If you separate out the signal from the noise, the signal is economic growth, it’s American First national security, it’s deconstruction of the administrative state. The flash ban grenade, every day, is this war with the media and Trump. People just have to separate it out and look at the results – he’s winning nine out of ten, which is a pretty extraordinary batting average,” he said. “You gauge a person by their enemies. Since he won that totally come from behind victory on November 8th of 2016, you’ve had what I call the ‘nullification project. You have had the far left, ‘opposition party media,’ and even some aspects of the Republican establishment trying to nullify the 2016 election. What they are trying to do is nullify the legitimacy of Donald Trump.

With approval nearing one third of American blacks who have seen record low unemployment under the Trump administration, Democrats, who heavily depend on 90-plus-percent turnout and 90-plus-percent support for Democrats among African-Americans, are closing in on an electoral crisis.

While leftists argue ‘nationalism’ is synonymous with racism, economic nationalism is the driving force of the current economic boom fostering Trump’s increasing approval of African-Americans, Bannon contends.

“African-American and the approval rating – this is the heart of economic nationalism,” he said. “You are seeing even in this election some weakness in the Hispanic vote for the Democrats. Trump’s economic nationalism doesn’t care about your race, doesn’t care about your gender, doesn’t care about your ethnicity, it doesn’t care about your color, doesn’t care about your gender, your sexual preference. It cares about whether you are an American citizen.”

Bannon predicted approximately half of  blacks and Hispanics will ultimately be Trump supporter as they witness the effectiveness of ‘America First’ policies.

“A third to fifty percent of working class and middle-class” African Americans and a Hispanics “are natural allies in this Trump movement,” he said. “They see all time low unemployment in the African American community. They understand that Trump’s policies are trying to make their lives better, even the policies at the border, which I think are the most humanitarian. What Trump is saying is that the working class people of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona can’t bare the burden of solving the problem of failed states in central America. They’re attracted to not just Trump’s policies, they are attracted to the results of Trump’s policies and I only think this gets stronger and stronger and stronger.”

Trump@War features cameos  former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowksi, former White House aide Sebastian Gorka, Fox News’ Pete Hegseth and ex-Breitbart London editor Raheem Kassam, as well as footage of Antifa violence attacking Trump supporters spliced with sound bites from Democrats like Tim Kaine, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters.

You can view Trump @War here and send to all of your friends tonight!

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