TED MALLOCH Midterm Recap: ‘Half’ a Hallelujah

Guest post by Ted Malloch author of The Plot to Destroy Trump

There is a word to express our emotion and feelings after the divided and divisive victory of 2018.

Half a — Hallelujah. Only half but I’ll take it.

It means praise and thanks to God.

In ancient Hebrew (הללו יה), the people sang songs of praise to the Lord. Hallel was a reference to someone who acts ‘joyfully’ in a boast to God. The second part, Yah is from YHWH, the very name of our Creator.

In 1741 Handel composed ‘The Messiah’ and its hallelujah chorus was a most resounding success. The text came from the Bible’s book of Revelation 11:15
“And he shall reign forever and ever.”

Listen to it here and be inspired:

Today, while Trump cannot reign forever, and he most certainly is not the messiah, we witness a resounding win in the 2018 US Senate election and a less than complete set back in the US House, where the Democrats now takeover control.

Note, almost every state where Trump personally campaigned, his candidates won.

The Republicans take an additional four Senate seats and flip seats that were Democrat in key places — from Florida to Missouri to Montana to North Dakota. It is a real cushion for Trump and guarantees his nominees will be confirmed and his judicial appointments will easily sail through.

Senator McConnell is a happy warrior with more leverage now than before.

The House of Representatives is however another story.
This was not the predicted Blue tsunami, nor even a wave. It was more like a ripple.

The Dems picked up what looks like about 28 seats and will control the speakership and committees, doubtless making life more difficult for Trump and his Administration.

This means divided government and gridlock, not more.

Indeed, it could even move us toward some possible bipartisan policies around infrastructure, immigration and health care.

Wait and see.

Let’s see how the Dems turn. Do they want to be constructive or only continue to resist and obstruct?

Another interesting thing to watch will be if this more radical and feminized group of Democrats elected selects stale old Nancy Pelosi as their Leader.

Might they go for a fresh face? A more pragmatic and less polarizing person?

Yes, the American electoral map is more divided than ever.

Red is red and Blue is blue.

The Dems are now a leftist bicoastal urban party and the Republicans more rural, conservative and male than just two years ago.

In a sense — not much will actually change.

Trump will govern and control the economy, regulatory bodies, courts and foreign-military policy.

He will not be reigned in except that his legislative agenda will be stalled in the House and there will be endless hearings and an inquisition-like scrutiny.

Make no mistake 2020 has started as of today.

Trump is geared up for his own re-election and the all-important Electoral College still seems tilted in his direction as it was in 2018.

And the Dems have about 30 presidential wannabe candidates, all of whom think they should be the nominee and could beat Trump.

Good luck. It is not likely.

His base is more solid than ever and as we have seen in Georgia’s Gubernatorial race, even Oprah can’t pull off magic.
Trump is President for six more years and his imprint on the country, his party, the courts, and the world will be felt for many decades to come.

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