TALK IS CHEAP: GOP Chairwoman Still Has NO ANSWERS or Action Plan as Democrats Steal Florida Races (VIDEO)

The Republican Party continues to prove its incompetence.

Democrats have been manufacturing votes in Broward and Palm Beach Counties since Tuesday.

Election workers pull up their Enterprise truck and unload ballots on Election night in Florida.

Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis won their elections on Tuesday.
** Since Tuesday Democrats have cut that Scott’s 80,000 vote lead down to 15,000.
** Democrats have cut Ron DeSantis’s lead from 80,000 down to 36,000.

And Broward and Palm Beach Counties are still manufacturing votes!

On Saturday GOP Chairperson Ronna McDaniel went on with Neil Cavuto to whine about Democrats stealing the Florida governor and senate seats.

She offered no solutions.
Meanwhile, Democrats are stealing the election in Florida.

Maybe it’s time for Ronna McDaniel to find different work?

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