Shocker: 1,282 out of 1,762 New Votes That Magically Appeared This Weekend in Georgia Went to Stacey Abrams

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported
The Georgia Democrat Party announced on SATURDAY that a handful of Georgia counties have suddenly discovered THOUSANDS of new votes that need to be counted. The Georgia Democrats say the new stash included absentee, early and election day votes.

Democrats in Georgia mysteriously discovered 5,569 votes of which 4,804 were for Stacey Adams.

They are going to steal the Georgia election too.

On Monday the Georgia Democrat Party announced that another 1,282 out of 1,762 votes went to Stacey Abrams on Monday.

They are slowing chipping away at Brian Kemp’s win.
And this will continue until the law steps in and shuts down this election fraud.

Earlier today Stacey Abrams filed a lawsuit to delay vote certifications until Democrats manufacture enough new votes.

The Democrats stole the Arizona Senate race and they’re trying to steal both top ticket races in Florida while the Republicans sit back and allow the lawlessness to continue.

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