Roger Stone: Poor Jerry Corsi Is Being Squeezed… But Where is the Russian Collusion? Where is the Wikileaks Evidence Against Me? Or Was This Fake News?

There never was any Trump-Russia collusion.
It was the greatest media hoax in US history.

On Monday journalist Jerome Corsi said he will be indicted by dirty cop Robert Mueller on perjury charges.

The liberal mainstream media wailed and gnashed their teeth like demons after the Trump White House banned loudmouth sideshow Jim Acosta from the White House press pool.

What will they say about journalist Jerome Corsi who is being squeezed by the Mueller mob to invent stories about the president and his associates?
And the liberal media cheers this news.

On Tuesday The Gateway Pundit heard from our friend and conservative stalwart Roger Stone.

Roger had this to say about his friend Jerome Corsi following yesterday’s news.

Poor Jerry Corsi. It appears that he has been relentlessly squeezed but refuses to bear FALSE WITNESS against others.

In the meantime where is the Russian Collusion? Where is the proof of Wikileaks collaboration? Where is the evidence that proves I had advance knowledge of the source or content of any of the allegedly stolen or hacked e-mails published by Wikileaks?

Or was that all fake news?

Of course, we all know the answer to that.

It is clear to anyone who has been paying attention that the Mueller-Rosenstein-Sessions witch hunt was put in place to deflect from the lawlessness of the Obama Department of Justice and their historic crimes during the 2016 election when they illegally spied on the opposition candidate.

Pray that justice is served against these traitors in the Obama regime.

The DC swamp must be drained for the country to survive.


Yossi Gestetner posted a thread on Twitter that accurately describes the degree of deception these criminals in the deep state and their allies in the liberal media are pushing on the American people.


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