RED WAVE: Crowd at Trump Rally in Cleveland Today is “Much Bigger” Than 2016 Trump Rally at Same Venue! (VIDEO)

President Trump is set to deliver remarks at the I-X Center in Cleveland, Ohio at 3 PM and the place is already packed.

The President will be holding a rally Monday afternoon at the I-X Center to stump for Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike DeWine and Jim Renacci, who is fighting for the US Senate seat against Dem incumbent Sherrod Brown.

The I-X Center holds 10,000 people and it is packed to the brim!

Daily Mail Editor, David Martosko posted video of the Cleveland venue and said there are more people at the Cleveland venue today than there was in 2016 when Donald Trump held a rally in the exact same spot a couple weeks before the presidential election.


Trump supporters also recited the Pledge of Allegiance Monday afternoon as they awaited the first speaker.

“This was the scene in Cleveland about an hour before today’s scheduled rally time, as the crowd recited the Pledge of Allegiance. I was here the last time Trump spoke at the same venue, about two weeks before Election Day 2016. This audience is already much bigger,” Martosko said.


President Trump unleashed a rally blitz over the weekend as a final push into the midterms and it was a huge success.

The crowds attending these midterm rallies are unprecedented.

People for as far as the eye can see are lining up at different venues to see President Trump.

Meanwhile, lifeless, hoarse Obama is delivering donuts to a small room of people in Virginia. WOMP WOMP.

Just like Trump says of these massive crowds coming out to show support for him, “Something’s happening!”

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