Polls: Kemp Takes 12 Pt. Lead Over Radical Stacie Abrams in GA – Rosendale Leads Lying Democrat Tester in Montana

Black Panthers campaign for Stacie Abrams who is anti-Second Amendment

A new poll in Georgia shows Republican Brian Kemp leading far left Democrat Stacey Abrams by 12 points just days before the midterm election.

Via Trafalgar Group

And Republican Matt Rosendale took the lead over lying Democrat Jon Tester in Montana.

Change Research has Rosendale up 3 points in Montana.

Last week the Libertarian candidate dropped out and supported Matt Rosendale for senator.

Jon Tester is known for his disgusting smears and lies.

DO NOT take Anything for Granted – Go Vote as if Your Life Depended on it, because it Does!

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