Pete Hegseth UNLOADS on French Leader Macron: “We Saved Your Ass and Then You’re Going to Lecture Us?” (VIDEO)

After private talks with President Donald Trump French President Emmanuel Macron warned the global community of the dangers of nationalism in a speech aimed directly at the rising tide of populism in the United States and Europe.

President Trump is in France this weekend to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of World War I, the great war.

Over 100,000 Americans lost their lives in Europe during World War I.


Following his remarks FOX News host UNLOADED on the French president:

Pete Hegseth: It’s typical European arrogance. It really is. So we saved your ass. And then you’re going to preach to us? No really, that’s how Americans look at this. Twice we did. And you’re going to turn around and preach to us because we love our country, we love our flags, we love our military, we love our cops, we love our Second Amendment. We really believe in our First Amendment that somehow we’re the fascists? We’re the nationalists? This guy hasn’t read a history book. Doesn’t understand history… You want to have a relationship with these countries that you think are your allies and then they turn around and point a finger in your chest!

Via FOX and Friends:

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