Nine More People Arrested for Voter Fraud in Texas

Nine people were arrested in connection to a voter fraud scheme in Edinburg, Texas.

The fraudulent voters lied about their address in order to vote for candidate Richard Molina.
Ten people were registered to vote from the same Edinburg address.

The Monitor reported:


The Texas Attorney General’s Office arrested nine people Thursday for allegedly voting illegally in last year’s Edinburg municipal election, bringing the total number of accused to 14.

Thursday marked the second time the AG’s office made sweeping arrests in connection with the hotly contested November 2017 race, when longtime Mayor Richard Garcia was ousted and a new majority, led by Mayor Richard Molina, was ushered in.

Four people allegedly used the address of an apartment complex owned by Molina, who won by more than 1,200 votes, to illegally cast votes. Two of them were arrested in May and June, while two more were arrested Thursday.

The mayor, however, is not the only one whose name has been dragged through the investigation, which the AG’s office previously referred to as an “organized scheme.” Council member Jorge Salinas and new City Secretary Ludivina Leal have also been tied through information provided on criminal complaints.

“To me, it’s very frustrating because my whole campaign has always been the target of criticism and ridicule,” the mayor said Thursday.

One woman came forward and confessed candidate Mayor Richard Molina told her to change her address to vote for him in the election.
Empower Texans reported:

One woman admits she voted illegally in the election; officials are looking into 11 other people who all voted from the address of a single, one-bedroom house.

The woman, who asked not to be identified, doesn’t live in Edinburg but voted in the city’s election in November 2017. She says Edinburg Mayor Richard Molina, a city councilman and mayoral candidate at the time, approached her last August about changing her voter registration to her sister’s address within the city so she could vote in the mayoral election.

She made the change on September 19 and says she didn’t realize she was doing anything wrong. “I changed it because I had an in-law relative who was running for a local election, for the Edinburg mayor,” she told KRGV.

“I didn’t think that would be feasible for me to do and Molina said it didn’t matter,” she said. “So, I went in and I changed the address, very easily; no one gave me any resistance. They didn’t even ask me for my ID and it was changed.”

She said she wanted to come forward because of the recent voter fraud arrests in neighboring Starr County. Seven people there have been charged with illegal voting or submitting fraudulent mail ballot applications.

Richard Molina won the election with the added votes.

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