Nate Silver Walks Back Blue Wave Prediction – Live Updates Show Dems Have 53.4% Chance of Taking the House

Nate Silver came out swinging with pie in the sky predictions for Democrats having an 87% chance of taking the House.

Live updates on show Nate Silver is now giving Dems a 54.6% chance of taking the House.

Silver’s predictions are changing by the minute–this is wild!

Nate Silver is walking back his predictions:


“Well, I’m trying to do 6 things at once — we think our live election day forecast is definitely being too aggressive and are going to put it on a more conservative setting where it waits more for projections/calls instead of making inferences from partial vote counts,” Nate Silver said.

Just like on election night in 2016, Nate Silver’s numbers are all over the place.

The numbers are changing rapidly so please refresh page for updates.

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