Midterm 2018 – CALIFORNIA House: Dana Rohrabacher (R) Jumps To Substantial Lead Over Harley Rouda (D)

There is good news for Republicans in California’s 48th congressional district. Republican Dana Rohrabacher has just taken a significant lead over Democrat Harley Rouda.

Joel B. Pollak reports at Breitbart:

Poll: Dana Rohrabacher Takes 9-Point Lead in CA-48, Holds Back ‘Blue Wave’

A new poll released Friday shows incumbent Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher with a nine-point lead over Democrat challenger Harley Rouda with just days to go before the midterm elections on November 6.

The poll, conducted by Thomas Partners Strategies, shows Rohrabacher with the support of 50.7% of likely voters in the 48th congressional district, compared to Rouda’s 41.6%. The margin of error is 4.7%.

Strategist John Thomas notes: “While California overall breaks in favor of Democrats and against Trump, CA-48 is proving to be the firewall holding back the blue wave.”

The poll is the first to show Rohrabacher with a statistically significant lead. A poll last month by Monmouth University Polling Institute last month showed Rohrabacher with a small lead, within the margin of error, and previous polls had shown the race as a dead heat.

Orange County is conservative, so the left really wants to flip this seat.


Take a look at this report from the Los Angeles Times:

In deepest red Orange County, a blue flame is sparking in a district that has long supported Rep. Rohrabacher

Rouda, 56, is a real estate magnate who moved from Ohio to Laguna Beach 10 years ago, at his wife’s insistence.

Kaira Rouda is a writer and, as it happens, a lifelong Democrat. Her most recent novel, “Best Day Ever,” she told me, is a domestic thriller, featuring a seemingly perfect husband who spirits away his wife for a “special” weekend.

Her husband came to the party slowly. He was a registered Republican until 1997, then changed his status to independent. In 2016, he registered as a Democrat. In some ways, his evolution is a mirror of the 48th District itself, which is slowly morphing into a less conservative place.

The left wants to change America. That’s why they target areas like this. It doesn’t look like it’s going to work this time.

Vote Rohrabacher!


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