LOW ENERGY OBAMA Stumps in Very Small Room – More Media Shows Up Than Supporters (VIDEO)

This is awkward.

Low energy Obama campaigned with Democrats Jennifer Wexton and Tim Kaine in Northern Virginia at the Fairfax campaign office Monday with a very hoarse voice.

Obama and Kaine brought donuts for campaign staffers and told them since they’ve been moving a lot, they’re allowed to have a little treat.

Tim Kaine’s Comms Director, Ian Sams panned around to show the crowd of people at the Fairfax campaign office and it looks like more media showed up than supporters.

Meanwhile, President Trump is drawing massive crowds–people for as far as the eye can see are lining up to see Trump.

Trump supporters in Missouri are waiting outside in the rain to see the President along with special guests Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh.

Obama’s glory days are over…

“Hello, people!” Obama said with his hoarse voice as he presented donuts to the staffers.


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