Line Forms 24 Hours Before Start of President Trump Rally in Pensacola, FL; TGP On Scene Report

The line for President Trump’s campaign rally in Pensacola, Florida, started at 6:30 p.m. Friday night, twenty-fours before the scheduled start. A group of women waited in line overnight, spending the night in their nearby vehicle as the temps dipped to the 40s. Meanwhile vendors selling Trump merchandise were open all night.

UPDATE: Video from others added here and at end.

The weather  is sunny and warming up as thousands join the line. The rally is being held at the nearby airport. Everyone will be bused over from the parking lot to the rally.

Vendors are everywhere. That Trump economy keeps on chugging along!

Meanwhile back at the front of the line, Fox News’ Florida Man Phil Keating talking with the ladies first in line.

Bob Kunst, a Democrat supporter of Trump who is also a gay activist, seated at table, talks with a fellow Trump supporter, President Trump Pensacola FL rally. Phil Keating is in back getting a make up touch up for a stand up report.

Bikers for Trump are in town. I caught up with a few of them at the Dairy Queen just off I-10.

A new report will be posted from the rally location in a few hours after we are bused over and have become situated.

UPDATE: Adding a few videos from others here and at top:


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