Liberals Go Ballistic After President Trump Snubs ‘Climate Change’ Warning

On Monday, President Trump dismissed a dire warning after a report on ‘Climate Change’ was released by his own administration Friday.

A study was conducted by 13 federal agencies and over 300 climate change ‘scientists’ and concluded climate change is ‘man-made and would have a devastating effect on the world’s economy.’

Liberals went ballistic after President Trump dismissed the climate change hoax.

“I’ve seen it. I’ve read some of it. And it’s fine,” Trump said of the report.

‘I don’t believe it,’ Trump added.

BREAKING: Trump on dire warning issued by his administration on economic effects of climate change: ‘I don’t believe it’

Naturally, liberals went crazy over Trump’s rejection of the junk science peddled by propagandists.

The same people who lecture us on the 57 different genders are the ones accusing Trump of ‘denying science.’

Al Gore, the ‘Global Warming’ charlatan and modern day Trofim Lysenko, accused the Trump administration of releasing the report on Black Friday in order to bury the information.

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