Justice Kavanaugh to Skip Tradition of Walking Down Supreme Court Steps with Chief Justice Roberts Due to Security Concerns

Kavanaugh sworn in as Supreme Court Justice

Thanks to violent leftists, Justice Kavanaugh will skip the tradition of walking down the Supreme Court steps with Chief Justice Roberts due to security concerns.

The Democrats, with the help of the media went on a smear spree of Brett Kavanaugh leading up to his confirmation to the Supreme Court.

For weeks, Brett Kavanaugh was painted as a beer-drinking drunk who raped women in high school and college.

Because of the lies peddled by the mainstream media, unhinged leftists stormed the Supreme Court steps, clawing and pounding on the doors the day Kavanaugh was confirmed as Justice.

Now this…

Via WaPo SCOTUS reporter, Robert Barnes: Justice Kavanaugh will skip the traditional walk down the Supreme Court steps with Chief Justice Roberts at BMK’s formal investiture next week. Security concerns, public information office says

Utah Republican Senator Orrin Hatch sounded off.

“Very unfortunate that Justice Kavanaugh will have to forego this tradition after angry protestors overran law enforcement officials and attempted to break down the Supreme Court doors when he was confirmed,” Senator Hatch said.

“Outrageous,” Tom Fitton said, adding, “Leftist mob violence exacts another price on our Republic.”

Vote red all the way down the ticket! Jobs not mobs!

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