Jim Acosta Perjures Himself in Federal Court: Says He “Politely” Questioned the President and NEVER Placed Hands on Intern

CNN hack Jim Acosta submitted a sworn declaration to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia last week.

In his written declaration Acosta appears to have perjured himself.

Jim Acosta told the court he politely questioned President Trump. He also said video shows he NEVER placed his hands on the young female intern.


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From the 15th paragraph:

“During the November 7 press conference, I had two questions I wanted to ask the President, about the migrant caravan and the Russia investigation. I raised my hand was called on by the President as had happened many times before. As the C-SPAN video of this press conference accurately reflects, the President repeatedly interrupted me, and I firmly but politely persisted in asking my two questions and trying to get responses. The President apparently did not like my questions, however, as he did not respond to them and ultimately directed me to stop talking. In other words, it was a typical presidential press conference. Indeed, the only thing unusual about this press conference was that at one point a White House intern approached me and attempted to physically remove the microphone from my right hand. The C-SPAN video accurately depicts what happened. As it shows, I held onto the microphone, stated ‘Pardon me, ma’am,’ and continued asking the President my questions. As eyewitnesses have noted, and as the video clearly demonstrates, the White House’s contention that I ‘plac[ed] my hands on’ the intern is false. In my time as a White House correspondent, I have not seen or experienced a White House intern trying to physically remove a microphone from a reporter’s hand. I interpreted the intern’s unprecedented actions as an expression of the President’s dissatisfaction with the topics of my questions.”

Jim Acosta is not just an egotistical blowhard and Trump-basher, he’s also a serial liar.

Here again is video of Acosta disrupting the Trump press conference and then swiping at and putting his hand on the young female intern.

The liberal media wants you to believe Jim Acosta never placed his hand on the young intern.
This is a blatant lie and they know it.

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