Jesse Kelly Speaks Out About His Twitter Ban, Warns the Platform Will Soon Just Be ‘Two Feminists Fighting Because One Accidentally Got a Boyfriend’

Following his permanent Twitter ban, apparently for being right-wing, Iraq War veteran and former GOP congressional candidate Jesse Kelly has been louder than ever.

Jesse Kelly

On Monday evening, Kelly ripped into Twitter on Tucker Carlson Tonight, then spoke to the Gateway Pundit about conservatives — and the ‘weaklings’ at the Weekly Standard — who ignore or make excuses for the censorship of prominent right-wing voices.

“This is something that was easy to ignore when it was Alex Jones. It was easy for them to ignore when it was Laura Loomer. Some of us smartly warned that you should not do this — it’s not good. Either you believe in free speech or you don’t believe in free speech — but the truth is that a lot of people don’t believe in free speech. A lot of people on the conservative side claim that they believe in free speech, but they would happily ban leftist voices if they could,” Kelly told the Gateway Pundit.

“The left, because they own all the media and the social media — they can ban the voices on the right and they do. There are precious few of us in society who actually want everyone to be allowed to speak,” Kelly added. “It’s ironic because I was always one of those. I defended Jones, even though I think he’s a nut job. He should not have been banned. I warned everybody that they were coming for everyone else and they did — they came for me and they got me.”

Kelly was permanently banned from Twitter this week without warning or any explanation of what rule he broke. He didn’t swear on Twitter and never bullied anyone. Other than his bad takes on baseball (he hates the Red Sox), he was a pretty positive contributor to discussions.

Prior to his suspension, Kelly had repeatedly warned about the slippery slope we were tumbling down.

In August, he penned an op-ed for the Federalist where he correctly predicted that “they just knew Jones was the weak member of the herd. They could pick him off as a test run. Next they’re coming for you.”

When asked about why Kelly was suspended, Twitter has remained tight-lipped — refusing to comment to multiple journalists.

Appearing on Carlson’s show, Kelly warned that at this rate Twitter will eventually just be a couple of feminists “fighting because one of them accidentally found a boyfriend.”

While most of the right was angered by Kelly’s ban, the Never Trump shills at the Weekly Standard celebrated. Discussing their horrible takes on Twitter censorship, Kelly told The Gateway Pundit that they do not have to worry about being banned, because they are the most important tool for the left.

The failing publication’s deputy online editor Jim Swift joked about it, mocking the shock many felt seeing his account get nuked.

“The Weekly Standard is not Conservative. They’re a bunch of sniveling weaklings who bow before the left. They’ll never get banned because they’re the greatest aid to the left. They’re a better aid to the left than the left itself! They appear to be on the right, but they’ll do the left’s bidding as long as they get eaten last. They love them,” Kelly said. “Everyone loves the traitor that comes over to their side — that’s the Weekly Standard. Screw the Weekly Standard.”

Kelly should not have been banned — even with his terrible takes on baseball. It is time the right gets serious about this issue, before they are banned from discussing it at all.


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