Jerome Corsi: “I’ll Die in Jail. I Will Not Swear Before a Judge to a Lie” (VIDEO)

Author and historian Jerome Corsi went on with Lou Dobbs on Friday night.

According to liberal media reports and Corsi himself, the is in Dirty Cop Robert Mueller’s crosshairs and is being pressured to lie for the Special Counsel in order to take down Donald Trump.

This was shocking…
Corsi told Lou Dobbs that Mueller allowed him to amend his testimony before the Special Counsel then later Mueller told Corsi he was going to charge him with lying for amending his testimony.


Corsi says he will die in jail rather than lie to on Donald Trump for Robert Mueller.

Jerome Corsi: Lou, if I have to die in jail over this to get the point across to the American people this is not the standard of justice in America I grew up with, I’ll die in jail. I will not swear before a judge to a lie.

Via Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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