INVASION: Third Caravan of Illegals Enters Mexico, Heads to United States (VIDEO)

El Salvadorans cross the Suchiate River into Mexico from Guatemala

Here we go.

A third migrant caravan of mainly military-aged Central American males entered Mexico Friday.

According to the Associated Press and embedded reporters, this migrant caravan formed in El Salvador over the weekend and contains approximately 1,500-1,700 people.

The El Salvadoran migrants crossed the Suchiate River into Mexico on Friday and are headed to the United States to seek asylum and live off the largess of the American taxpayers.

According to reports, the Mexican police did not stop the El Salvadorans crossing the river into Mexico from Guatemala.

The DHS already confirmed dangerous gang members are embedded in the caravan. The very violent El Salvadoran gang, MS-13 is currently terrorizing certain parts of United States; the military must stop the caravans.

“The Guatemalan immigration authorities opened their borders so that the second caravan of Salvadoran migrants could pass,” said BBC contributor Marvin Romero.

Military-aged El Salvadoran males form a line and head over to the Suchiate River to cross into Mexico:

VIDEOS: El Salvadoran migrants swim across the Suchiate river into Mexico:

The President deployed thousands of troops to the southern border in anticipation of the migrant caravans in a mission dubbed ‘Operation Faithful Patriot.’

President Trump is expected to sign an Executive Order to stop the migrant caravans, including asylum seekers.

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